CRM distributors software – how can it help?

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Working in the field of wholesale manufacturing and distribution comes with several unique challenges and one of the most important ones is that each process is very time sensitive. Whether it comes to the actual manufacturing of goods or their distribution to clients, it’s important to synchronize every step and make sure there are no delays – otherwise, you risk wasting money. Fortunately, there are modern ways to manage distribution and avoid bottlenecks: CRM distributors software. Created for those who manage wholesale manufacturing and distribution businesses, this state-of-the-art offers key features that significantly streamline and simplify processes. Solutions like aim to solve the main issues that people who work in distribution face, allowing them to focus on the big picture rather than small, individual tasks.

Use CRM software to manage distribution

The distribution management process consists of several steps and each is equally important for smooth business operations. With the help of dedicated CRM distributors software such as bpm’online, managers can keep track of each one. The software can be used to manage customer data, create invoices and even forecast sales and estimate future customer needs. Before the advent of CRM programs, all these tasks needed to be done manually by one or more staff members – now, they can be done by a CRM application.

Use CRM software to manage products

No matter how vast your product range is, you can manage it all with a CRM application. Once you input all your products in the software, you will be able to easily browse and select products, and keep track of everything. This way, when a product is close to going out of stock, you can quickly take action.

No more stressful paperwork

Like any business, distribution and manufacturing has a constant flow of documents: contracts, orders, invoices, formal letters and so on. Dealing with all this paperwork can be frustrating, but a CRM system definitely makes it easier. All distribution CRM systems now offer this feature, including Epicor Distribution, Fishbowl and Centralbos. As soon as you start making the transition from pen and paper to CRM software, you will notice that everything is more streamlined and easy to follow.

Offer better customer service

No matter what products you manufacture and distribute, customer service should be one of your priorities. Instead of managing customer service the traditional way, use a CRM tool. It allows you to keep track of all client communication, monitor case resolution from start to finish and, as a whole, be more efficient.

Automate marketing processes

Targeted marketing campaigns are key in growing your client base and expanding on the market. However, these campaigns should be planned and managed with great care, otherwise you will not achieve the desired results. To increase efficiency, you can take advantage of the automation feature in CRM software. With its help, you could manage marketing campaigns across multiple marketing channels, manage marketing resources and, when possible, launch rewards campaigns for loyal customers.


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